María Chacón shows her elegance in 4 black bikinis that have turned social networks on

Maria Chacon She has won the hearts of the public for her talent and sympathy both outside and in front of the cameras, in addition to her unparalleled beauty that have made her a benchmark for fashion and style since he does not hesitate to show it off with outfits worthy of replicating. Fan favorites include those with bikinibecause in addition to being able to inspire them, he also delights the pupil with his enviable figure giving a lecture on elegance.

The actress, 31 years oldHe began his career by being part of some commercials and soon gained attention thanks to his talent both in front of the cameras and in singing, as he participated in the program “FAME Code” where he obtained seventh place among 40 participants. Although her great opportunity came with the soap opera “Joys and rejoices” where he gave life to Sofía, “Chofis”, with which he is remembered by the public.

María Chacón in a black bathing suit. Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon

His character in “Misión SOS, aventura y amor” also earned him a place in the hearts of fans and that is how the doors opened for him in new projects such as the telenovela “What a mother so father!”. Now -in addition to the small screen- she is one of the celebrities whose style has made her a fashion benchmark and her passion for trips allows you to show more of your looks with which you teach elegance and sensuality.

the bikinis and bathing suits They are proof of this, since he has posed with some who leave little to the imagination, although without neglecting the glamor that so characterizes it. These black garments provide an elegant alternative without adding any further accessories, in addition to helping to stylize the figure thanks to the tone and designs whose necklines They help everyone get out of their comfort zone.

María Chacón shows off her figure with a bikini in green and black tones. Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon

Secret of Maria Chacon

María Chacón has been questioned on more than one occasion about the secret of her statuesque figure and although in the past he joked that he does not diet and does not do much exercise As he would like due to his complicated schedule, today he demonstrates the opposite through his social networks where he does not hesitate to share details about it with his followers.

The “sweep” is a discipline that is gaining more and more popularity among celebrities thanks to the fact that it fuses elements of balletpilates and yoga with training to tone the body, which leaves behind the strict routines which for many can be overwhelming and detracts from daily motivation for those who want to start a life fitness.

Black bikini by María Chacón. Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon

It is this discipline that is the secret of Maria Chacon to achieve an enviable physique and so he has shared it through his Instagram account. The barre helps improve body posture and burn fat through training in bar that offers the alternative to those who want to practice it to do it without leaving home.

It also helps tone up buttocks, abdomen and legs, although the actress complements this activity with Healthy diet by experts. Something with which results will not only be evident in a short time, it is also important if you want to maintain the results in the long term.

María Chacón boasts a swimsuit with an asymmetrical design. Photo: IG @oficialmariachacon


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