Lozano now lives in a house of 20 million, but this was Chucky’s 1st house

Hirving Lozano and the place where he began his sports career
Hirving Lozano and the place where he began his sports career

Hirving Lozano arrives in Qatar 2022 as the figure of the Mexican team where he will seek to transcend and reach the fifth game so longed for by those selected as well as by the Mexican fans. Within his life story there is a humble young man who through soccer has managed to amass a great fortune.

Hirving Lozano in an interview for The Players Tribune acknowledged that he had a complicated life but full of dreams where the striker wanted to get to play at the Azteca Stadium and be a figure of the Mexican team, something that he has achieved over time after shining in the Netherlands with PSV and later with Napoli in Italy.

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After three seasons in the Neapolitan team, Hirving Lozano lives in a property whose value would be around twenty million pesos, according to real estate portals in Italy. Despite having a salary of 4.5 million euros, Chucky Lozano understands that football money does not last forever and that is why he has invested his earnings in various businesses thinking about the future of his children.

Where did Hirving Lozano live in his early years?

During the lengthy interview, Hirving Lozano acknowledged that he lived in a very small group of buildings with a dirt court near the Azteca stadium, specifically on Avenida Imán where he learned to touch the ball and dream of being a figure for El Tri.

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