Lady Di’s demands for Carlos III to run into the arms of Camila Parker

Lady Di agreed to give Carlos III a divorce with some conditions
Lady Di agreed to give Carlos III a divorce with some conditions

Princess Diana was one of the most beloved women in the United Kingdom, her charisma, her beauty and her great style were a fundamental part of her popularity when she joined her life with that of Queen Elizabeth II’s son, with whom she lived several moments embarrassing that to this day continue to make people talk all over the world.

Lady Di, as she was known, lived one of the saddest moments in her life, after the scandal she had during her marriage with Carlos III who was unfaithful to her with Camila Parker, both confessed to the media the infidelities of the new king of England and after the In fact, he decided to give him a divorce, putting some conditions on him to let him be happy with his lover and now his wife.

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As we know, she was a fairly intelligent woman and always looked out for her own good, among the conditions is maintaining the royal title as Princess of Wales, another condition was to have participation in the decisions that were made around her sons William and Harry and The most difficult demand for Carlos III was to give in to Lady Di living in Kensington Palace where she spent most of her life.

The grotesque way Lady Di called Camila Parker

Camila Parker was the third in contention in the marriage of Carlos III and Lady Diana, so Princess Diana, despite being a fairly correct woman, called her in a rather strong way because she called her the “Rottweiler” because some theories said that it was because she wasn’t very pretty and that’s why she compared her to that dog and another said that when that breed catches its prey it doesn’t let go like Camila did with Carlos.

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