La Jornada – The electoral reform will not be constitutional, but it will be legal: López Obrador

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador maintained that there will be no constitutional reform in electoral matters, but there will be a legal one. Although, he pointed out, he would join the current mechanism for the election of INE directors, since the law must be respected.

He reiterated that the important thing is to reduce spending in the INE, “it is offensive that the councilors earn 400,000 pesos a month, and the other thing is to avoid buying votes, and we can achieve that with the law, without the reform of the Constitution” .

He said that what those who oppose the constitutional reform propose is very irrational, “it has no foundation, the reform is to spend less, so that the parties do not have as much money.” Currently the party that receives the most is Morena.

He asserted that in the election of INE directors, “I think that those who choose, any citizen, would be better off than those who are. Just because of their racism they shouldn’t be there, just because of that.” He added that people do not know it, but surely they hired “a publicist for these mercenaries, they have all the means and the most susceptible to being manipulated fall.”

In the march on Sunday and in the draft that he already made of the speech, he does not talk about the issue, but “I say that the oligarchy no longer dominates, there is democracy, the government does not participate in electoral fraud.” The essential thing “is how much of a budget we will have, 8 billion, how much it has grown, how many Mexicans does that budget reach, how many families, what are the benefits, something that never happened, that is the most important thing.”

Regarding the fact that the Conservative Political Action Conference was held last week in Mexico City, López Obrador said that these retrograde attitudes are not advancing in the country and there is no need to worry about it, “every time they want to express themselves that they do”.

He assured that the country is in a process of transformation, people are very aware. He added that those who participate in these forums “are more authentic, they say it; the others think it, they believe it, but they don’t say it”.

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