In Tulcingo, Puebla, municipal police officers leave their position before the assassination of a commander

The murder of 4 people is investigated. Photo: Getty / Illustrative

In Tulcingo del Valle, Pueblamunicipal police officers left their position before the corporation commander confessed his alleged participation in the murder of four people, reported José Edgar García Ramírez, mayor of the area.

Through his social networks, the municipal president of Tulcingo del Valle reported that it dismissed police officers to facilitate the investigation into the murdersin order for the authorities to carry out the corresponding investigations.

“I inform all citizens in general that after a dialogue with the security elements of the municipality, the determination was made that they, as of today (Sunday), leave the position they held, making their I am also aware that we have initiated and made the corresponding notification to the authorities to safeguard the safety of everyone. I ask everyone to remain calm and in communication.

What happened in Tulcingo del Valle, Puebla?

The municipal police officers Tulcingo del Valle left the corporation before he was found dead Maurilio “H”, boss public security of said municipality.

However, before locating the lifeless body of the head of security, the commander himself posted a video on his Twitter account. Personal Facebook where he confessed his participation in the homicide of four people, whose bodies were found in Guerrero on November 14.

Commander confesses on video

In the video, Commander appears kneeling with his hands tiedexplaining how he participated in the multi-homicide.

“Indeed, we beat them and I decided to cut the throat (of one of the detainees), then I ordered the same for the other three people. We put them in the truck and they went to dump them in Guerrero”, can be heard in the commander’s account.

National Guard and State Police

After police officers were separated from their posts, the governed of the entity, Miguel Barbosa, reported that the National Guard and State Police They will be in charge of public security work in the municipality of Tulcingo del Valle.

  • In addition, he added, the murdered Tulcingo police chief did not pass the control and confidence exams.

“Despite that he was appointed to the position, the man did not have to be chief of police in tulcingo. 20 police officers resigned, (for this reason), the National Guard and the State Police will be in charge of public safety; There is already progress.”

Finally, the president asked the municipal presidents to remove from their positions “those who do not have the legal conditions to (be) police officers; People like that end up being bad public servants.”

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