IMSS offers specialized care to achieve and maintain mental health

Within the framework of Men’s Comprehensive Health Month, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) urges beneficiaries to go to their Family Medicine Unit (UMF) in order to be assessed by a family doctor, and in case If they present a problem such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse or suicidal ideas, be referred to the Psychology area individually or in a group, or to Psychiatry.

Dr. Laura Patricia Angulo Camarena, psychiatrist at the Zone General Hospital (HGZ) 1-A “Dr. Rodolfo Antonio de Mucha Macías” from the IMSS, pointed out that mental health is an issue that is not usually considered in the case of men, nor is it associated as part of comprehensive health.

“One of the most important problems is the role of men within society, they are considered to be the strong part, the provider for their family, the one who will generate the resources, who also has to work, have physical strength and who he cannot show weakness, because then he stops being a man”, he stressed.

He emphasized that work must be done to change attitudes and traditional teachings, ask for help and understand that good mental health is a right and implies making changes, for example, that one should not always compete with others, change the use of violence to resolve conflicts , and face the fear of “not being man enough and building a less vulnerable masculinity”.

He stressed that mental health does not only mean the absence of any disease, but rather is the ability to fully develop capacities, which allows participation with the community, and achieve individual expectations and goals.

Dr. Angulo Camarena indicated that during the health emergency due to COVID-19, although mental illnesses increased in the general population, this was more noticeable in men.

“They are more used to leaving home, doing work outside the home and due to the pandemic they had to stay, in addition to worse results with the disease: higher mortality and more sequelae that generated various mental health situations, especially depression, anxiety and insomnia,” he said.

He stressed that behavioral and developmental modifications should be identified from childhood, since it is more effective to begin with the approach and treatment of conditions such as stress or attention deficit disorder, and thus avoid problems and sequelae during youth and life. adult.

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