“I was very ashamed”: Paola Rojas cries when remembering Zague’s video scandal

The breaking off Come in Paola Rojas and Luis Roberto Alves ‘Zague’ It was one of the most controversial in the middle of the show, since it occurred after an intimate video was leaked in 2018 that the soccer player sent to another woman and although the presenter has spoken very rarely on the subject, recently she broke down in tears when she remembered it and admitted that she was very sorry shame.

It was in an interview for Isabel Lascurain’s YouTube channel, where Paola Rojas she spoke about her experience so that other women who are experiencing similar things can get ahead and recalled that after the scandal with back everything he did and declared was thinking about protecting his children, despite the attacks he received on social networks, because he did not want to do anything that would hurt them.

“In the first place were my children and everything I did, I declared, I decided, everything was first thinking about them, I will never do or say anything that hurts them (…) The first thing I would tell them is that, you have to protect the minors, above your sadness, your anger or your everything, there is protecting minors, I did so and I am very satisfied and very happy to have done so,” said Reds.

Paola Rojas cries when talking about the Zague scandal (YouTube)

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red paolas also recalled that the worked was another of the things that helped her overcome her breakup and the scandal in which he was wrapped family, Well, he has always been a very responsible person and he could not allow himself to be absent for any reason, despite the fact that at that moment he felt very shame.

“At that moment, responsibility mobilized me, I have to go to to work and there is no excuse for not doing it, but I think there is something deeper and that is that I do not have to feel ashamed, however I felt it, deep, I do not want to connect with that but I did feel a lot shame, It was for many reasons,” said the driver in tears.

Paola Rojas cries when talking about the Zague scandal (YouTube)

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Finally red paolas advised people who are going through difficult times to build a large network of love, be it family or friends, and lean on it to get ahead.

“Build a network of love, it’s all the difference, whatever you have to live if you have around you people who love you deeply, with whom you have been unconditional, they are unconditional for you,” he said.

Besides, the driver She explained that she has never liked to victimize herself, because she believes that there are women who have gone through worse things in a country that is full of machismo and violence, but what happened to her has allowed her to connect and feel greater empathy with these women: ” Today I’m marching on March 8 from another place, yes, I’m sister to you.”

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