He scored a goal for Germany and Campos adored him, but lost his life surprisingly

He made history against Germany in the World Cup and Campos admired him, he lost his life
He made history against Germany in the World Cup and Campos admired him, he lost his life

In the midst of the jubilation of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the former player of the Mexican team, Jorge Campos, remembers one of the players who marked their mark in the World Cups, who unfortunately recently lost his life.

The striker who had the touch and dynamism within his feet, managed to score a goal against the always difficult German team, being framed as one of the best players in Colombia. In this way Freddy Rincón is remembered throughout Latin America.

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Jorge Campos met Freddy Rincón when a charity game was organized in favor of patients with muscular dystrophy in 1993. The purpose of this match was to raise money to help, especially the little ones. Campos and Rincón became great friends.

Campos remembers Rincón in the World Cup

The ‘Colossus of Buenaventura’, as several of his friends remembered him, made history against Germany in Italy in 1990. Jorge Campos could even have been his teammate at that time, because AC Milan wanted both of them. In Qatar 2022, Campos spoke of Rincón as the player of the impossible.

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