Grupo México and AMLO clash over deliveries of the Mayan Train

the federal government and Mexico Group initiated a legal conflict due to disagreements in the delivery dates for the construction of Section 5 of the Mayan train.

This Monday, the newspaper Reform announced that several companies contracted for the megaproject filed lawsuits, requesting a settlement, due to the early termination of the contract and to be replaced by the Army in the works.

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The business consortium of Grupo México and Acciona argued “the technical impossibility to carry out the project in 11 months and deliver it in July 2023.”

“A breach derived from new requested delivery dates was avoided. The seriousness and commitment of the consortium led it to decline due to the complexity and haste imposed on the completion of the project,” said Grupo México in a release.

Although the company said that each action has been reported to federal officials, this Monday the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said there was a breach of contract by the company.

“There was a breach in the contract for a stretch in Tulum, I think from Playa del Carmen to Tulum, about 50 kilometers, from Grupo México; So, an agreement was reached that other companies were going to participate, because they were not complying, that was the reason, ”he said at a press conference.

Grupo México said it had accepted the government’s proposal that the settlement be after an analysis and agreement with military engineers, however the president maintains that they are seeking greater compensation.

“There is an agreement with the company, an agreement is going to be sought, because they worked and invested and they want an amount for what they did, and the Fonatur technicians maintain that that amount is not what corresponds to them; that is, they are wanting to charge more, or Fonatur pay less, as you want to understand, ”he said.

“It strikes me that I sent word to Germán Larrea, owner of Grupo México, to seek a negotiation, that the military engineers prepare an opinion for us and that if he accepted that opinion to define how much he had to pay, and he sent me to say that he accepted. But oh, surprise! Today it appears in the Reform that he is going to sue us and that it is already a million-dollar matter”, he affirmed.

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