Galilea Montijo surprises everyone with a dance in a beach look

Between laughter and dancing, the television presenter took her best steps during her recent vacation in which Galilea Montijo modeled a beach look that stands out under a thin tunic.

The host of today She shook the Instagram social network by wearing a swimsuit with which she surprised everyone on social networks and quickly went viral on the platforms.

One of the most established hosts on the small screen is the famous 49-year-old Galilea Montijo, who frequently captures the attention of her more than 9 million fans with her various publications.

In most of them, the also colleague of divine net she inspires and models outfits and accessories from her clothing brand, Latinal Boutique, however on this occasion she reappeared performing a little dance for her fans while sporting a beach look.

the tv girl” contest in which “Gali” rose to fame, she is a very extroverted woman, a character that together with her talent has taken her very far in conducting various programs, contests, etc., for which she has won the hearts of a large audience, and many also follow in his footsteps on social media.

Even more with his past collaborations in children’s contests such as “Little gigants“, in addition to “Los Chiquillos en Hoy” and a large number of broadcasts in which she has served as the main presenter.

A charisma that is not only reflected on the screen by what can be seen in the clip, the actress of “The Jackpot” (1997), who in the recording danced for a few seconds to the same song and enchanted all his entourage of fans on the platform of the little camera where every time he steals the hearts of more users.

The researcher of “The mask“She was only amused for a moment and her laugh made it very clear at the end of the short, as she models a sun hat and a beach suit under a tunic of light fabric that covers her a little for the camera.

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Of course, the fashionable “entrepreneur” has shown herself to be more unconcerned with criticism, which is why at other times she has not hesitated to show her magnificent figure by letting herself be captured from some places in the sea.

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