From the pool, Shakira’s cousin raises the temperature with a tight swimsuit

Valerie Domínguez is a Colombian model, designer and television presenter who stands out for being one of the most beautiful women in her country and also in Latin America. But, maybe you didn’t know, but, she is related to Shakira taking into account that she is his cousin, although it is unknown if he is related to the 45-year-old singer. Through her Instagram account, she showed why she is the most beautiful of all and from the pool and wearing a tight swimsuit, she showed off her figure.

The claim to fame Valerie Dominguez It was in 2005 when she was crowned Miss Colombia 2005 and the following year, the model of Lebanese Arab descent represented her country in the Miss Universe pageant, placing in the top 10. Later, she began to venture into the world of acting, participating in soap operas such as ‘Until money separates us’ and ‘The last happy marriage’, but it was not until the series ‘Los caballeros las prefieren brutas’ that she obtained her first leading role.

Valerie Domínguez, 41-year-old model. Source Instagram @valeriedomi

In your family, Valerie Dominguez She is not the only famous one, considering that she is Shakira’s second cousin. In an interview that she gave to Univisión, the 41-year-old model stated: “I am a relative of Shakira on my father’s side, since he is the nephew of Shakira’s father.” As for the Colombian singer, she is going through her divorce from Gerard Piqué and in recent days they have been seen together, but separated at an event for one of her children.

Through his Instagram account where he has almost three million followers, Valerie Dominguez She showed why she is one of the most beautiful women of all by wearing a tight swimsuit from the pool. Shakira’s cousin chose a black model to show off her incredible curves, where she ended up receiving thousands of compliments.

With this bathing suit, Shakira’s cousin took all eyes. Source Instagram @valeriedomi

Every time you get the chance, Valerie Dominguez She shows off her modeling skills and dazzles with her beauty. On the other hand, the 41-year-old businesswoman also shows everyone her family, where she has a small son with Juan David Echeverri. In recent days, her husband carried out a campaign to get likes to have a girl, which the model has so far ruled out.

Valerie Domínguez has a son with Juan David Echeverri. Source Instagram @valeriedomi

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