FIFA bans Belgium kit for including the word “Love”

Do you remember the message of respect and inclusion with which the Qatar 2022 World Cup opened?

Well, in less than 24 hours FIFA’s tolerance has been present not once but TWO times.

The first, when eight teams led by England, Germany, Belgium, Wales, the Netherlands and France were forced to give up the idea of ​​wearing a rainbow armband to reinforce, precisely the message of inclusion and diversity.

The reason? Do not think that because this gesture would put the finger on one of the great issues that Qatar and, of course, FIFA itself have been reproached for the most, it is not going to; The real reason, according to the highest body that governs world soccer, is that this bracelet It would violate the existing regulations regarding game uniforms.

FIFA ‘bans’ the Belgium kit

But do not think that this is all, because FIFA also warned The Belgian team that must delete the word “LOVE” inscribed inside the collar of his second uniform; because in the same way “it would violate the statutes of the regulation”.

Belgium uniform with the word LOVE Qatar 2022
Photo: Courtesy ADIDAS

This was announced by Peter Bossaert, President of the Belgian Football Federation, who announced that his team will have to change the uniforms before the first match of the Red Devils scheduled for this Wednesday against Canada.

Belgium kit inspired by Tomorrowland
Photo: Courtesy Adidas

Curiously, it is a uniform that has caused a lot of sensation since its launch, due to its colorful design, inspired by the colors of the Tomorrowland festival with the intention of making a positive statement about love in its different forms, but which Apparently FIFA has not been very funny.

This is how things are in the world of tolerance and inclusion.

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