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In the last month progress was made in the image of Claudia Sheinbaum and of Adam Augustus Lopeztwo of the caps of Morena, while on the opposition side, Enrique de la Madrid, lilly tellez and Beatriz Paredes they added points among the electorate, ranking with Claudia Ruiz Massieu as the four main figures of PAN, PRI and PRD, reveals the most recent national survey.

According to the study, sheinbaum advanced two points in popularity, going from 45 to 47 percent in the last month, ranking 7 points above Marcelo ebrardwhich adds up to 40 percent favorable opinion.

Adam Augustus Lopez He was the one who added the most in the month, four points, as his percentage of positive opinion went from 28 to 32 percent, six points above Ricardo Monreal, with 26 percent.

When asking who of the four they prefer as the flag bearer for Morena in 2024, Sheinbaum captures 28 percent of the preferences, four points ahead of Ebrard, who has 24 percent. In this same question, Adán Augusto López advanced from 8 to 14 percent in one month, five points ahead of Monreal, which has 9 percent.

Among the attributes that are seen for Sheinbaum are the results of her government (36 percent of mentions), and that she best represents the 4T project. She is tied with Ebrard in crisis management (26 percent each).

On the opposition side, the emecista Luis Donaldo Colosio has a 31 percent favorable opinion, one point above Enrique de la Madrid, he gets 30 percent. She is followed by Lilly Téllez, with 27 percent.

the priistas Claudia Ruiz Massieu Y Beatrice Paredes they get 24 and 21 percent; the baker Mauricio Kuri get 20 percent Daisy Zavala and the priista Alexander Murat19 percent each.

When asking which of the women candidates for the Presidency they see as stronger, Lilly Téllez obtained 18 percent of the mentions; Ruiz Massieu, 15 percent, and Margarita Zavala and Beatriz Paredes, with 13 percent each.

When asking about men, 21 percent see De la Madrid as stronger; 14 percent to Ricardo Anaya; 13 percent to Murat, and 9 percent to Santiago Creel.

In hypothetical scenarios, Brunette leads the preferences with any of its three main caps, although with different scores: facing Ruiz Massieu as the standard-bearer of a PAN-PRI-PRD alliance and Colosio from MC, Sheinbaum obtained 48 percent of the preferences; Ebrard, 44 percent, and Adán López 42 percent; while Ruiz Massieu captures 28 percent in any of these scenarios, and Colosio, between 19 and 21 percent.

In a scenario without alliances, Morena with Adán Augusto López captures 40 percent of the preferences, while the PRI member Alejandro Murat obtains 16 percent; Colosio, from MC, 15 percent; Ricardo Anaya, from the PAN, 14 percent; Ricardo Monrealfor the PVEM, 5 percent, and Gerardo Fernández Noroña, for the PT, another 5 percent.

The intention to vote by party shows that Morena receives 45 percent of the effective preferences; the BREAD, 18 percent; the PRI receives 14 percent, and the PRD5 percent.

Adding possible blocks of alliances, Morena and allies capture 49 percent, while PAN-PRI-PRD, 37 percent.

Methodology: National survey conducted by telephone to 600 adult Mexicans on November 11-12, 2022. A probabilistic sampling of residential and cell phones was made in the 32 states. With a confidence level of 95%, the margin of error of the estimates is +/-4.0 percent.

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