Ecuadorian fan makes controversial gesture in match and infuriates QatarisMediotiempo

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The world Cup started and, how could it be otherwise, left several postcards that caught the attention of those present at the Al-Bayt stadium, such as the moment in which an ecuadorian fan you He suggested to the qatari that they had bribed to the referees for them to help them, this after they annulled the 1-0 to Enner Valencia for a striking offside.

Despite the fact that FIFA showed the fans the evidence that the VAR received to cancel the goal, the fanatic did not stand with his arms crossed and began to make a movement with their fingers suggesting that the Qataris had paid to receive aid.

This was not well received by a fan of Qatarwho quickly demanded that he remain silent: “Shut up! Shut up and sit down!”a very upset fan who was in front of him told him.

Despite this, the Ecuadorian fan continued arguing with the Qatari and tempers began to heat up, so the present they tried calm them down so that nothing more serious would happen.

Although they both warmed up, things didn’t get any worse and even afterwards they talked and recorded a video in which they demonstrated that it was only the annoyance of the moment.

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