Diego Maradona better than Messi, says Coppola, who says he told Lionel himself to his face

For Guillermo Coppola there is only Maradona, but he agrees with the legacy that Diego and Messi have left in soccer.

DOHA — William Coppola is one of the guests conmebol for the inauguration of its enclosure the Tree of Dreams. When circumscribed to the life of a character, it is inseparable to ask who he represented for many years, Diego Armando Maradona.

Diego’s ex-agent is the magnet for reporters. Even ESPN he takes it to ask him a question that, as we let him know, must be one of the most questioned in his person. Diego or Lionel? Messi or Maradona?

William Coppola he does not shy away from ‘confrontation’. “If you ask me,” she says with a convinced tone, “I told him this, for me, Maradona”. I do not fail to recognize Lionel’s conditions, “Today is Messi. Now many could say PeleI tell you Maradona. Maradona He gave an advantage that nobody gave”.

The Argentine even remembers that Qatar It is the first World Cup that does not have Diego Maradona physically, but “Diego will always be there”, because when a ball rolls it is impregnated with what the Argentine ’10’ was.

“Wherever a ball rolls there is Diego, don’t forget it”, he emphasizes Coppola. “It is true that there have been people like ronaldo (Fat), Cruyff, Zidanebut for me the highlights are Maradona Y Messi”.

William Coppola talk about legacies. both of Messi such as Maradona. “Legacy? That you have to love football. They, Maradona and Messi, love soccer and I wish all the players did. The controversial agent leaves once the people at the event ask that there be no more questions to the guest of honor.

Coppola represented Maradona for 18 years. (1985-2003). At first the relationship was extraordinary, but over time it deteriorated to the point that it was considered a bad influence on “Fluff”. He was even reported for allegedly stealing money from him. Can’t conceive of Diego Armando Maradona without William Coppola. Today the former businessman assures that Messi It is good, extraordinary, but not to the degree of the Argentine D10s that led to Argentina to lift the title in Mexico 86.

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