“Despechá and alocá”, this is how Daniel Bisogno walks after his fiance thundered him

  • A few days ago, El Muñe came to a concert with five friends, who were very close to him and tried to cheer him up.
  • The couple met in 2019, but until 2020 they became engaged.
  • In April of this 2022, Daniel would have asked the young lawyer to marry him.

Although at first few were betting on that relationship due to the age difference, Daniel Bisogno and the young lawyer jesus castillo, 49 and 26 years old, respectively, maintained a solid courtship for two and a half years; however, we found out that it has come to an end and last week we caught the host of Ventaneando at the 2000’s Pop Tour concert, in CDMX, with a group of friends. This is what a friend of both of us told us about the breakup:

-We saw Daniel at the concert, very lively…
Yes, it was to enjoy Belindawho was a guest artist, and the group Motel, of which one of its members, Rodrigo DavilaHe is the son of his boss patty chapoy”.

-We saw him surrounded by several people…
“Yes, they are her friends, including the famous youtuber, louis rivaswhose birthday was just last Friday, and Daniel invited him to celebrate. They were a group of six friends and Daniel he took it upon himself to invite them all”.

-We didn’t see her boyfriend there, Jesús Castillo…
“What happens is that they ended their relationship three weeks ago.”

The young lawyer would have left the driver because in the end the age difference did weigh

“Apparently, Jesus made the decision and told Daniel that he still had many things to live for, and although right now he was fine with the dolllater the age difference would be accentuated and they would no longer be so compatible.

Was there infidelity involved?
“They say no, but two weeks ago, a friend wrote on Instagram to JesusA very revealing message. He would ask him something like: ‘didn’t you hang out with a man older than you, who was all wrinkled and old?’, and that he had seen him kissing a 20-year-old guy in the club and that this was his boyfriend ”.

-And what did Jesus do with this comment?
“That is the most curious thing, that he did not delete it. Before, he eliminated any comment against her relationship with Daniel and now he left this one where they criticize the dolland it also seems that he did not delete the message so that people would know that he was no longer with him.

Daniel has posted photos of his outings with friends that could be indirect for his ex

-But Daniel was very happy with him…
“Yes. For Daniel, Jesus He was very important, he lived with his family and he was the one who allowed him to publicly show his preferences. Before Jesus will come into your life the doll He didn’t feel free to be romantic with another man.”

-He even made several physical changes…
“Yes; In order to look younger, she lost 27 kilos and a few weeks ago she underwent a treatment on her face, injecting hyaluronic acid to lift what was left hanging due to her weight loss ”.

Was there any other reason for a lawsuit between them?
“Yes, Jesus She asked him to make the relationship more visible, but Daniel did not accept. And it is that although he no longer hides it, nor denies that he is with him, he is not willing to make it all super public either ”.

The relationship seemed to be going very well, because all this year they were happy in gay clubs and bars.

-They even had wedding plans and Daniel had given her a ring, right?
“Yes, they wanted to get married; In addition to the fact that since the middle of the year they already lived together in the house of Daniel. They were very serious, but that’s how relationships are; at one point, everything is hunky-dory, and at another, they don’t want to be together anymore.”

-How does Daniel feel about this breakup?
“At first it hit her a lot and she was very sad, they even stopped following each other on Instagram, but work, her friends and family have helped her feel better.”

At times Daniel looked serious at the concert he attended last week

-And do you know how Jesus is?

“He did not resent the break at all, because he asked for it. He feels more empowered than ever, he is happy showing himself scantily clad on Instagram to show off his athletic body”.

The driver was seen with Jesus even though he did not publicly acknowledge the courtship

Do you think there can be reconciliation?

“I do not know, Daniel It is a fact that he is still in love with Jesusand he was highly dependent economically on the dollthen it will be a matter of time to see if these things weigh for a return, but today they are not together, “he concluded.

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