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Organizations have a major challenge ahead: contribute to the well-being and development of people, forming a better world. They can do this through multiple policies and mechanisms, from generating optimal working conditions to creating healthy and sustainable work environments, going through the promotion of good professional and personal relationships to achieve a good organizational climate.

Senior management, as well as middle managers or other profiles with teams under their responsibility, must ensure that they take care of the comprehensive health of their workforce. In fact, the United Nations Organization already warned in its last report in this regard that the mental health is key to the proper functioning of businesses, and as such it must occupy a main place. The World Health Organization (WHO), for its part, points out that 70% of the population has seen how their feeling of burnout has increased since the start of the pandemic.

In this context, since Happÿdoniaexperts in internal communication, management and labor well-being of people, highlight the importance of taking into account the Flow Theory in HR and communication processes. Also called “flow” or “optimal experience”, this theory – established by the psychologist and pioneer of the scientific study of happiness Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – refers to the “state in which the person is absorbed in an activity for their own pleasure and enjoyment, during which time flies”.

If we take this definition to the work environment, we are talking about a ‘company with flow’that is, an organization that cares about the well-being of people”, he comments MªCarmen Lacuesta, director of people and business development at Happÿdonia, belonging to the Valencian technology company Nunsys. “This refers to those organizations that work for the sake of people’s happiness, to promote communication and positive reinforcement rather than fostering a climate of stress and burnout. Each person requires different attention, but it is essential to minimize risk factors to improve performance, retain employees and make them happy with what they do, wherever they work“, Add.

How to guarantee the well-being and happiness of people

To ensure that employees are comfortable and happy, from Happÿdonia they highlight 8 essential elements that companies should keep in mind in any HR or communication strategy:

  1. support and interest. Leaders and middle managers must show interest in their teams: find out how they feel, see if they have any needs, get to know them. For this, it is vital that any internal communication strategy is based on these pillars and that they are incorporated as part of the business culture.
  2. Dialogue and knowledge. Without fluid communication, it is impossible to maintain long-term relationships, both between employees and between workers and the company. Open and transparent dialogue is essential to achieve any goal.
  3. Gratitude and appreciation. People work better when our efforts are recognized and we are thanked for it. Publicly or not, the important thing is that employees feel that their work is valued.
  4. goals and motivation. Because of how our brain works, we must feel motivated to achieve the best results in our day to day. Setting short and long-term goals or objectives that are tangible and measurable allows us to get there precisely. Gamification or team building actions are a great resource to increase motivation.
  5. Empathy and identity. They say “don’t do to another what you don’t want them to do to you”. In the business world, this applies the same: we must think about the feelings and emotions of others when acting. It is also important to have all the employees identified so that they feel part of the company at an individual level.
  6. Illusion and empowerment. Each person is excited about one thing or another, but the basis is the same for everyone: work on something you believe in, with a company that looks out for you and your interests. Feeling empowered allows us to face things in the best possible way.
  7. Freedom of expression. Any worker, regardless of his role, must be able to speak freely about how he feels, what he thinks is being done wrong or right. Promoting freedom of expression enriches any activity.
  8. Interaction and participation. Closely linked to the previous point, we all value participating in the shares of a company, because that’s how we feel it as ours. Giving feedback or interacting not just horizontally, but vertically, is critical for people to feel like a priority.

It is vital that organizations rely on the right people to promote these formulas, as well as the most suitable technological means to optimize and streamline their processes, such as our application. Only in this way can they transform their culture into a culture of well-being, where people can and want to be, be and belong, increasing the commitment and bond of all of them”, says the manager of Happÿdonia.

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