Cheap pans: 5 brands that will take care of your health and are approved by Profeco

The nonstick pans They are essential in our kitchen and there is nothing like using little oil, getting perfect cooking and without food sticking to the base. As if that were not enough, they are easy to wash and leave them ready for the next meal; however, not all brands that are sold in Mexico are safe for our health and it is that something that is rarely talked about is how harmful they become for your well-being and that of your family when these small cracks in the teflon, same that release thousands of microplastic particles that will end up in your body.

Despite this potential risk that can occur in the nonstick pans Even for poor care, the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (prophecy) has noticed that there are several brands what are they approved by its verifiers, besides that they are ideal for take care of health and prevent microplastics from ending up in the body. As if that were not enough, each frying pan has affordable prices whose costs vary between 312 and 649 Mexican pesos, which will undoubtedly be an excellent investment to protect your loved ones without putting your wallet in trouble.

The brands in which you must invest for being cheap and approved by the prophecy Before a long list of elements that confirm its good finishes and quality, they are:

  • bergner
  • ekco
  • hamilton beach
  • t-fal
  • Vasconia
Do you know how to take care of your non-stick pans to prevent their deterioration? (Photo: Pexels)

Excellent brands, this is what Profeco says about non-stick pans

In a study from June of this year the prophecy remembered that these and others brands They are ideal for cooking with little oil without sticking food and this includes a long list of foods; As it is one of the commonly used kitchen items, measuring its quality necessary and for this they analyzed 24 models from 13 brands in which their finishes, dimensions and capacities, as well as measure the nonstick and his durability They were some tests that they passed.

The results showed that the Neon Silver model of the Chinese brand bergner is one of the best quality, qualified as Excellent for complying with all the resistance tests and one of the best parts is that its price is very accessible at the cost 529 pesos. On the other hand, the Advance of ekco (Mexican brand) is in the same category with a cost of $649. Of course, these are just two examples of all those consulted; Below you can consult the entire list to know the quality and price.

  • hamilton beach rated as Excellent at $599
  • t-fal rated as Excellent at prices like $403, $589, $622 and $1,655
  • VasconiaMexican brand qualified as Excellent at $461 and $312
Take this into consideration. (Photo: Profeco)

But they are not the only brands that made the prophecy in which it is worth investing so much for their non-stick quality as for cheap that result stand out Vita, with a rating of excellent; while Cinsa, Gibson home, Tramontina, Deleite and Cocina Mia (Vitrinor) received a very good rating and the latter as good. Finally, Oster and Iuno Moneta were enough, but with prices of 409 and 204 Mexican pesos, respectively.

Why is it important to check the quality of Teflon in frying pans?

A study by the University of Newcastle and Flinders University determined the impact what’s wrong with it teflon on the Health, once it starts to come off nonstick pans through the cracks. To measure the levels, they developed a new hybrid algorithm to justify the principal component spectra and the results were alarming, since it was estimated that:

“Thousands or millions of Teflon microplastics and nanoplastics could be released during a simulated cooking process,” warns the study published in Science of The Total Environment.

According to the findings, a single opening of the Teflon would release up to 9,100 plastic particles; while once the coating is broken the figures can increase to 2.3 million microplastics. The data has sparked concern, since Teflon belongs to the group of PFAS, chemical substances that can cause serious health problems such as kidney, liver or testicular cancer; however, other potential conditions are unknown, so it is suggested to increase research in this regard, since they would contaminate food when cooked in low-quality or deteriorated non-stick pans.


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