César Arturo Ramos debuts in Qatar 2022 with controversy included in Denmark vs. Tunisia

The Mexican arbitration body, led by the central judge Ramos Palazuelos, received claims from the Danes who requested a penalty in two plays

the mexican whistler Cesar Arturo Ramos debuted in the World Cup Qatar 2022 in the duel between Denmark and Tunisia with controversy over their decisions and that was how the game took place at the Ciudad de la Educación Stadium.

Palazuelos Bouquets He was accompanied and supported by three other Mexican whistlers. Alberto Morín and Miguel Hernández were his assistants, while Fernando Guerrero was the VAR, who was the first Mexican judge to venture into this last category.

Although the Mexican foursome gave a lot of continuity to the game between the Danes and Tunisians, there were a couple of plays that led to the controversyespecially penalties that players from both teams claimed.

The game ended 0-0 despite the fact that the Danes had many dangerous plays, but the set of Tunisia He was supported by his fans, who dominated the stands of the venue by 80 percent, but could not wreak havoc on Kasper Schmeichel’s goal.

The Danes called for a couple of penalties in the first and second half, but Palazuelos Bouquetshelped by his assistants and by the ‘Singer’ Guerrero, did not give the green light to the claims.

In the same way, in the second half, the Tunisians claimed a hand in the Danish area that was not marked either, this despite the fact that the same Cesar Ramos He made the signal that he saw the contact, but that the distance was too short to sanction it.

In the end, both teams did not hurt each other and finished level without goals, so both added a point to take advantage in Group D, this waiting for what France and Australia do.

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