Benestarum, service that ensures the integral of the workers

Suara Cooperativa, a non-profit social initiative entity with more than 40 years of experience in the third sectorcast Benestaruma project that ensures the well-being of workers in companies and focuses on the prevention of possible problems in terms of satisfaction and comfort that they may suffer inside or outside the workplace.

The project, which was born during the pandemic to accompany those people who had to go to work during confinementor now evolves towards an external and consolidated service that is offered to any company that wishes to boost the physical and emotional health of its work teams.

Benestarum, guaranteeing a humane and close treatment, holistically accompanies people in various areas, in a current context where the numbers of anxiety disorders are increasing, given the moment of constant and accelerated changes that we are experiencing.

Through personalized, individual or group sessions, and live through a strictly confidential digital platform, The team adapts to the needs of each person in order to respond to questions related to physical, emotional or financial well-being. In case of detecting that any of the people who make use of the service require treatment, they will also be guided to find medical help or some other type of professional.

The platform has a team of professionals from Suara who, through knowledge and accompaniment, support in different specialties:

  • Emotional: The psychology team accompanies and listens to brief consultations.
  • Physical: The physical therapy team listens and responds to inquiries about physical discomfort and bodily pain.
  • nutritional: The nutrition team teaches, advises and accompanies to improve eating habits.
  • Meditation Guided: Live meditation sessions as a tool to calm the mind, manage anxiety and stress.
  • Financial: Accompaniment to improve the economic well-being of people according to their specific personal situation and through the resources available.
  • Serious illnesses: Individualized support space in painful processes due to serious illnesses such as cancer.

Despite his short careerthe initiative has already reached more than 7,000 people in the first experiences carried out in prominent organizations, sensitive to the well-being of their teams, such as Mercabarna, Macba or Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat. Almost 20% of the people reached by the project have requested sessions and of these, to date, the majority have been emotional support (43% of the sessions), followed by physical support (28%). and in third place nutritional support with 25% of consultations.

“The well-being of people is the health of the company,” says Àngels Cobo, Director of Digital Transformation at Suara Cooperativa. “It is time for companies to assume part of the responsibility of ensuring the well-being of the people who work in our organizations. Not only to accompany those people who have some kind of problem, but we also accompany those who are well so that they continue to be so, ”she points out.

About Benestarum

It is an initiative of Suara that offers advisory, accompaniment and support services to companies to help them improve the overall well-being of their workers.

An online short consultation service with professionals who accompany the problems of working people through individual and/or group video calls.

About Suara Communicative

Suara is the leading non-profit social initiative cooperative company in Catalonia in the provision of care services to people with more than 40 years of accumulated experience and made up of more than 4,500 workers (88% women) and more than 1,200 people work partners. They care for more than 34,000 people through almost 300 services that respond to the entire life cycle of the person: from childcare (with nurseries, shelters for minors…), families, vulnerable people at risk of social exclusion, to services aimed at older people (residential centers, home care…).

Its mission is to transform the social environment, improving the reality of people through quality services rooted in the territory, which promote the well-being and growth of people, both cared for and professionals, from a cooperative business project.

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