AMLO recognized that the Summit of the Pacific Alliance could be at risk

AMLO can modify the dynamics and/or date of the Summit of the Pacific Alliance (Photo: Cuartocuro)
AMLO can modify the dynamics and/or date of the Summit of the Pacific Alliance (Photo: Cuartocuro)

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) acknowledged that the Pacific Alliance Summit could be cancelled, this because the National Congress of Peru refused to Pedro Castilloits current president, to visit Mexico City to attend the meeting that will bring together different state leaders in the region.

During the morning conference on Monday, November 21, the Mexican president pointed out that, given the possibility that one of the most distinguished guests could not attend, the Summit will possibly be postponed.

From the National Palace, the head of the Federal Executive said that Mexico temporarily presides over the regional integration initiative; however, part of the purpose of the meeting planned for Wednesday, November 23, is to hand over said responsibility to the president of Peru.

Pedro Castillo, president of Peru, will not be able to leave his country (Photo: Reuters/Sebastián Castaneda)
Pedro Castillo, president of Peru, will not be able to leave his country (Photo: Reuters/Sebastián Castaneda)

“I am the transitory or temporary president of that alliance and it is up to the president of Peru to receive the presidency, so if he does not come, who did he hand over to? We could hold a meeting in Peru, that may be an option, but I have to consult”

To materialize the meetings between presidents, López Obrador proposed that on Wednesday the 23rd he will meet with the president Gabriel Boric, from Chile; Thursday 24 with Xiomara Castro, from Hondurasand on Monday 28 with Rodrigo Chaves, from Costa Rica. In addition to this, he announced that on Wednesday the 23rd he will also lead the security meeting and morning press conference in Manzanillo, Colima.

It should be remembered that the meetings of State leaders were invited to Alberto Fernández, president of Argentina, and Ignacio Lula da Silva, president-elect of Brazil; However, it stands out that the only confirmed one was Fernández, this in view of the attempt of political tension that the country of Rio de Janeiro is going through after the electoral fair in which Bolsonaro lost.

Through social networks, the head of the Mexican Federal Executive confirmed that the Argentine president would arrive in Mexico on Thursday the 24th, which would support the promotion of the left in Latin America in the context of the Summit.

“Our friend Alberto Fernández, president of Argentina, is coming to Mexico on November 24. We will deal with the issue of the integration of America for economic cooperation with respect to the sovereignty of each country. It is a dream, an ideal, a utopia, which must become a reality”

On the other hand, Da Silva, who was honorably invited by the President of Mexico, indicated that he will think about the offer, because, although he gladly received the invitation, he recognized that he must give priority attention to the domestic political situation during the challenge of delivery-receipt in the transition period between Jair Bolsonaro and the.

And it is that, during the telephone call that he had with AMLO, the president-elect in Brazil stressed that Bolsonaro has not acknowledged his electoral defeatfor which he said that he will seek to attend to López Obrador’s invitation, but if it does not go against the political perspective that he can project with the Brazilian citizenry.

I would like very, very, very, very much that you come with us one day and if you want to stay longer, this is your house”, insisted AMLO, but it was understandable if the politician declined his invitation in favor of legitimizing his victory at the polls and, in this way, beginning his term of office. mandate in the luckiest way possible.

Finally, regarding the North American Leaders SummitPresident López Obrador said during the morning that there is still no defined date for said meeting, for which reason he avoided expressing any assessment in this regard.


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