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The black friday Thanks to its discounts, it has become, for many, the time of year to wait for to buy any type of product at a more affordable price and even to advance part of Christmas shopping. Regarding electric mobility, of course, there are discounts, because thanks to the wide offer of electric scooters online, opportunities come to light such as this offer of the best-selling electric scooter from Amazon in Spain, which is on sale for 130 euros less .

The electric scooter in question is the Smartgyro Speedway, a model that has been the best-seller on this platform for some time of electronic commerce for several reasons, among which is its drumsor that it is one of the few that equips a system of suspension. It goes without saying that Amazon is one of the great protagonists of these dates, and that is why it must be taken into account before buying any product.

More specifically, the version of the Smartgyro Speedway that is on offer is V3.0, which in turn is the cheapest of all the variants through which this model is marketed. Above are the V2.0 versions (about 50 euros more expensive), the Pro (100 euros more expensive), the CrossOver X2 (which starts from 899 euros) and the CrossOver X2 Pro (which flirts with the 1,000 euros price). .

According to Amazon itself, the Smartgyro Speedway is the best-selling electric scooter on its portal.
According to Amazon itself, the Smartgyro Speedway is the best-selling electric scooter on its portal.

Among its main attractions, and beyond its double suspension, is its autonomy. It’s 45 kilometers those that theoretically can travel with a full charge thanks to its 12,500 mAH capacity battery. The electric motor, for its part, yields 500W power and promises to take the Smartgyro Speedway V2.0 in a solvent way up to its 25 kilometers per hour maximum speed.

Another of the strengths of the Smartgyro Speedway V2.0 is that, contrary to what happens with most electric scooters, this model relies on a Disc braking on both axles.

In terms of practicality, in addition to having LED lighting and a kickstand for parking, the Smartgyro Speedway V2.0 also has “tubeless” type tires, which can continue to function in the event of a puncture.

Taking into account all of the above, and that thanks to this Amazon offer you have a price of 599 euros instead of the previous 729it can be said that the only point against the Smartgyro Speedway is its design, since its lines are far from offering such a clean image with that of NIU electric scooters, or even those of Cecotec and Xiaomi.

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