Williams College hid sexual abuse against girl to avoid closure

Williams College tried to hide the sexual abuse of a girl and, to avoid a possible closure, failed to provide information required by law to the Federal Educational Authority in Mexico City (AECM).

In 2017, a Williams College teacher sexually abused little Tefany, when she was three years old. Despite the seriousness of the crime, the school tried to hide the crime. Until this year, the AEFCM issued a sanction.

An administrative resolution issued on May 13, 2022 by the AEFCM, a body of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), from which MILLENNIUM has a copy, reports that in the case, which occurred five years ago, the school failed to inform to the Child Sexual Abuse and Mistreatment Unit (UAMASI) of the SEP, the office in charge of investigating this type of crime.

In resolution PAS/14/2017 of the AEFCM for the case of Tefany, the educational authority documented the sexual abuse suffered by the minor and, despite the crime, only imposed a fine of 160,000 pesos on the school, because it failed to report to the UAMASI of the fact.

“The seriousness of the infraction; In the case under study, it is considered that the severity of the irregularity in which the aforementioned educational institution incurred it was omissionby not notifying UAMASI, which finally learned of the matter and intervened in the corresponding procedure,” the document established.

A Williams College teacher sexually abused Tefany when the minor was three years old.  |  Nelly Salas

A Williams College teacher sexually abused Tefany when the minor was three years old. | Nelly Salas

For Tefany’s family, the demand for justice has become a viacrucis throughout these five years.

“It causes me indignation and I consider my daughter contempt because what the educational authority is really demonstrating in this resolution is that does not care if children are sexually abused in schools. With this resolution, they are demonstrating that letting them know that the child was sexually abused is enough and even worse, the Williams School wanted to hide the abuse because it did not notify UAMASI,” claimed Xóchitl Hernández, Tefany’s mother.

According to the legal defense of Xóchitl, and after an appeal filed, the AEFCM should have issued the closure and revocation of the permit of the schoolsince it failed to comply with article 42 of the General Education Law, which establishes that the school institution must safeguard the physical, social and psychological integrity of the student, as well as in the event of the commission of a crime, they will immediately inform the authority correspondent.

“The Federal Educational Authority takes the Williams College to proceed, but when issuing a resolution it is truly amazing that, with a matter of this nature, we are talking about the sexual abuse of a girl, it is biased.”

“In the resolution itself, many illegalities are noted that explain how the Williams College commits illegal negligence and in the end they only impose a fine, but there was a huge catalog with which they could sanction the Williams College and stop things like the Abner case from happening. The closure and revocation of the permit should have been ordered,” explained lawyer Bernardo Velasco.

“If you do not comply with article 42 of the General Education Law, then there are sanctions, because you failed to comply with many articles of the same law, with 59, 76, 77, which would result in the closure of the school and revocation of the authorization or recognition of validity of corresponding studies”, insisted Hernández.

Relatives of the victim have sought justice for five years in the case.  |  Nelly Salas

Relatives of the victim have sought justice for five years in the case. | Nelly Salas

Abram ‘N’, a professor of psychomotricity, committed the sexual abuse between March and April 2017. In May of that same year, Xóchitl reported the crime and after several protests and tools to demand justice. In September 2017, the College provided information to UAMASI.

“There is corruption in various areas of the prosecutor’s office and at that time there was an obstacle, which delayed us in the integration in the initial stage of the portfolio. Subsequently, he obeyed the delay to the multiple appeals and indirect protections that the defense of the sexual aggressor teacher was promoting, in this case, was a defenseman hired by Williams Collegethey sponsored the professor’s defense,” added the mother.

In addition, in the resolution of the SEP it was concluded, among other issues, that there was child sexual abuse due to negligence from the technical director José Luis Lugo Moran and the academic director Juan Camilo Williams Muldoon, of the Williams College, Mixcoac Campus, for not having safeguarded Tefany’s physical integrity.

Another of the irregularities in which the school incurred is that Tefany’s psychomotor group was in charge of a teacher, however, months prior to the abuse, the school replaced her with Professor Abram ‘N’who did not yet have a professional license, without notifying the parents of the change.

“It is the same attitude that the school is assuming towards Abner’s parents, of turning its back on the family, of evading responsibility, of turning its back on the family and the attitude is to try to get rid of it so as not to have some type of sanction before the Federal Educational Authority.

“The call to the Federal Educational Authority is that we demand that the General Education Law be applied and that the corresponding sanctions be imposed, both those that should have been applied in our case, and those that have to be applied in the case of little Abner, which are the same, which is the closure and also the withdrawal or revocation of the registration of official validity, are both sanctions that apply in both cases. It no longer did so in the first case and the question for the Federal Educational Authority is:will apply the law in this case Or are you going to continue overlapping the negligence of the Williams College and are you going to continue freeing it from the sanctions that should be applied?”, the mother concluded.

On April 5, 2022, following an appeal by the family, the prison sentence for Professor Abram “N” went from 9 years to 12 years, 5 months and 15 days.


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