Will it be possible to deslopezobradorize Mexico’s participation in the World Cup?

The variable world Cup is part of any political analysis in times when the ball rolls, but this time the participation of the Mexican team in the World Cup in Qatar will be of little use to be used with political intentions, although, due to the opportunism of the Mexican political class, it would have to be attentive to attempts to get a political slant out of the event, even when they only star in facts that remain anecdotal, analysts say.

From the outset, the Qatar World Cupis the World Cup to which Mexican fans arrive with less desire to watch the games and with less positive expectations of the performance of the national team, at least if compared to those carried out in this century, says Roy Campos, president of Query mitofsky.

In addition, he adds, it is the World Cup that is reached with the worst image of its technical director and the performance of the team prior to that event.

He even remembers that in previous World Cup games, previously the environment was heated more by the media and now it is not. On this occasion, in general, Mexicans don’t even know who the players are.

Despite this, he refers, when Mexicans are asked if the Mexican team is going to advance to the second round, the majority say yes, although the majority also think that they will go as far as that.

If you ask game by game, most think there will be a victory against arabia, a draw with Poland and a defeat against Argentina, although that could be enough to advance to the next round.

In this sense, Claudio Flores Thomas, CEO of Altazor Intelligence, points out that, although the World Cup takes Mexicans with low optimism and low expectations regarding the performance of their team, due to the history of hope and accumulated failure, experience dictates that , as soon as the ball begins to roll, it will surely awaken hope, first among the young and then among the elderly.

Remember that we Mexicans are united by tremors and world events. Yes, misfortune and hope, in this case in playing a dignified role in Arab lands.

He refers that until a few weeks ago, few people were considering going to Qatar, but the tickets available for Mexicans have been selling recently and at the moment there is already talk that 60,000 will attend, although there are calculations that the number could reach 80,000, which reflects a lot how we are as Mexicans.

For his part, Manuel Ajenjo, scriptwriter for television comedy shows, points out that the World Cup tournament takes Mexicans in a low state of mind, but this is not so much because of the country’s political and social issues, but because the team goes through one of his worst moments.

The national team is a balloon that inflates in four years and deflates in four games

Remember that the Mexican team is a balloon that takes four years to inflate and four games to deflate.

This time the balloon could run out of air in less time, as happened in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, the one remembered not only because the South Americans were crowned at home, but also because of the political use given to it by the dictatorship that governed that country. at that time.

On that occasion, the Mexican team led by Jose Antonio Roca not only did not win a single game, but they did not even win a draw.

The truth is that, he indicates, we must keep in mind that soccer has always served as an escape from the pressure of people. As Jorge Valdano said, although the same people go to a theater performance and to a soccer match, those who go to the theater think and those who go to soccer feel.

Also remember that Javier Marías, that writer who always aspired to the Nobel Prize and did not reach it, said that soccer was the recovery of childhood, because when the fans cross the threshold of the stadium they settle into child mode.

In this regard, Claudio Flores Thomas mentions that, in a context of political polarization like the one Mexico is experiencing, it will be very interesting to see that, if the World Cup and the support for the national team manage to heal these fractures or pause for that together, those who are for and against the current government can celebrate together the goals of the Mexicans.

Obviously the national political scene is divided. President López Obrador achieved his intention of only having a story for a part of the population, which governs only for them and reviles the other, he exposes.

The expert in interpreting information on human behavior mentions that the march in defense of the INEwhich occurred on the 13th and the march of the revenge of the ruling party, announced for the next 27th, is a sample of that, in addition to the fact that every day, from the National Palace, this polarization is irrigated, as an instrument of political control and government .

For this reason, he says that the question is whether lopezobradorizarize the participation of the Mexican team in the World Cup.

If it is not achieved, there will be two different celebrations: the one for those who love López Obrador and the one for those who hate him.

On the other hand, he warns that, knowing that the political class is very opportunistic, he will surely try to take advantage of the environment generated by the World Cup as an element of connection with citizens or potential voters, although, he thinks that, in any case, that will surely will remain as anecdotal cases.

He emphasizes that the government usually does well when the national team does well, because a positive, festive, playful mood is generated and, in some way, it also bathes the perception of the country and the government, but that will not be enough to radically change the balance of how things are.

For the specialist, the world soccer variable is part of any political analysis equation and it would not be the first time that legislators have committed an outrage in favor of a majority, taking advantage of the World Cup distraction. They are currently discussing the electoral reform.

AMLO will have no problem gathering carries

Political opportunism is rampant in the political class of Mexico and the world, so we must be aware of the intention of capitalizing on the World Cup environment to connect with their audiences, advance their agendas or goof off on issues that interest them, he says. .

In this regard, Roy Campos believes that it is not expected that there will be an influence from the World Cup on what happens on the national political scene; In any case, it will serve as a distraction, that is, people will spend their free time watching the world and, if they take little care of political affairs, now less.

It is striking that the march that the president, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, has called for, is on November 27. A day before is the game of Mexico against Argentina. Maybe on the 26th people are distracted watching the game and on the 27th they are not very attracted to the march.

In this sense, Manuel Wormwood takes for granted that attendance at the president’s march is guaranteed with those brought by the party in government, although it will hit the national spirit if Mexico loses to Argentina, simply because soccer is one hundred percent emotional.

What does seem a fact, according to Roy Campos, is that this time the president will not be able to do what has happened on some occasions, that he invite them to congratulate them when they have done well.

For now, next Tuesday, on the day of the session in Congress, the team will play, during working hours. What can happen is that some legislators leave the plenary room to watch the game on television and if that happens there will be no popular recrimination, because many companies will also do it.

The truth is that if a Mexican manages to send the ball into the net, the cry of gooooooool will surely be heard! between the seats of San Lázaro between pairs of arms raised as if seeking to reach the lamp that is no longer there and without his expression being settled on the electronic voting wall.

But, as the days progress, reality will arrive, that cruel lady who will throw our people out of the kingdom of bearded men in robes and then will begin again the ritual of reinflating the balloon for the next four years, while in Congress, once again, men and women with privileges will be waited on ad nauseam, those who end their prose in the highest forum of the nation like these lines that you read: it is how much.


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