“We need to stop socialism,” Trump tells the CDMX right-wing summit

“We have to secure our borders and dismantle the criminal cartels that violate our people. We need to stop the spread of socialism and not let it continue to drive us out of the region or our lands.

“And we must rebuild our economies to lift up our workers and our families. I am confident that the people gathered at CPAC Mexico will be on the front lines to carry out this vital mission,” he said at the event on Saturday.

The CPAC meeting was organized, among others, by the exactor Eduardo Verástegui, one of the Mexicans who promoted Trump’s candidacy among Hispanics in 2017.

Verástegui took the opportunity to respond to the criticism of the event that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador issued on November 16 at his press conference. The president had said that the meeting “does not harm us at all, but it serves to show how conservatives think, how they are racist, how they are class-minded, how they discriminate.”

“Could it be that the racist, the classist, the discriminator, the violent, the fascist is you? Enough of bread and circuses, enough of antics, let’s get serious. He’s done with the mornings and get to work. You are not a king, you are a public servant, an employee of the nation. It’s all about results, and the results are very wrong. If the role is too big for you, resign,” Verástegui said in response.

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