Use of face masks could again be mandatory in San Luis Potosí

Daniel Acosta Diaz de LeonSecretary of Health of San Luis Potosi reported that the unit that it heads has contemplated returning the use of mandatory face masks in certain spaces, derived from the start of the winter season.

“It is possible that we can resume the use of face masks again,” said the state health official.

He explained that it is only an alternative that seeks to address the problem of an increase of between 10 and 15% in respiratory diseases throughout the state, however, the proposal must be analyzed and approved by the State Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks. (Coespris) and the state government.

He specified that during the last two years there have been decreases in respiratory infections due to the proper use of face masks for protection against Covid-19for which reason they would be considering resuming the initiative and thereby preventing diseases in the respiratory tract caused mainly by low winter temperatures.

Regarding the population at risk from the coronavirus, like other respiratory diseases, the health secretary recommended protecting children, adolescent girls and older adults from the cold, completing vaccination schemes, as well as the proper use of face masks.

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