Twitter reactivates Trump account after Musk poll; has technical faults

Elon Musk restored this Saturday the account of donald trump on Twitter, reversing a ban that had kept the former president off that social network since a mob of Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, as Congress was about to certify Trump’s electoral victory. Joe Biden.

Musk made the announcement late at night after conducting a poll asking Twitter users to click “yes” or “no” on whether Trump’s account should be restored. He won the “yes” with 51.2%.

“The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated. Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” Musk tweeted, using a Latin phrase meaning “the voice of the people, the voice of God.”

Shortly after, Trump’s account, which was previously listed as suspended, reappeared on the platform, complete with his previous tweets: more than 59,000. However, his followers disappeared, at least initially..

It’s unclear if Trump would actually return to Twitter. An irrepressible tweeter before his account was banned, Trump has previously said he would not return to that platform even if his account was reinstated. The former president has been relying on his own social network, much smaller, TruthSocialwhich he released after being blocked from Twitter.

And on Saturday, during a video address to a meeting of the Republican Jewish group in Las Vegas, Trump said he was aware of Musk’s poll but saw “lots of problems on Twitter”according to the Bloomberg agency.

“I’ve heard we’re getting a big vote to get back on Twitter as well. I don’t think so, because I don’t see any reason for it,” Trump said, quoted by Bloomberg. “I may, I may not,” he added, apparently referring to the recent Internal Twitter Upheavals.

The prospect of Trump’s account being restored to the platform began to be weighed after Musk completed the purchase of Twitter last month, an acquisition that has fueled widespread concern that the billionaire owner will let promoters of lies and misinformation flourish on the site. Musk has frequently expressed his belief that Twitter has become too restrictive when it comes to free speech.

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His steps to restructure the platform have been swift and chaotic. Musk has fired many of the 7 thousand 500 workers full-time staff at the company and an untold number of contractors who were responsible for content moderation and other responsibilities deemed crucial to maintaining the network’s credibility. His demand that the remaining employees commit to “extremely hard” work prompted a wave of resignations, including hundreds of software engineers.

Twitter users have reported a increase in spam and scams, both in tweets and in their direct messages, among other problems, after the massive layoffs and the exodus of workers. Some programmers who were fired or resigned this week warned that Twitter could soon fall apart, to the point where it could crash.

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