‘they have been unfair to him’

The Mexican goalkeeper spoke before the match against Poland, where he asked for respect for Raúl Jiménez.

The goalkeeper of the Mexican National Team, Guillermo Ochoaasked for the utmost respect and support for Raul Jimenezwhom he sees with desire, ambition to want to help the team and trusts that he is ready for the start of the Qatar World Cup 2022 in view of Poland.

“He is an example of life for footballers and non-footballers. I have seen him working overtime,” he said. Guillermo Ochoawho says that many do not have exact information about him “and they are unfair.”

the goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa assured that Raul Jimenez has ambition to help the Mexican team on the World Cup Qatar 2022and that is an example of life.

Raul Jimenez He really wants to play, to contribute to the team and to be on the field helping his friends. I have seen him very well in training; he is an example after what he experienced”, said the goalkeeper of Mexico.

“It is unfair because they take five seconds of a video and say that it is not right; without having the information of what happens; Since he has been working and how well I have seen him in training, I think that when he enters the field he will do it in a very good way, ”said the goalkeeper of Mexico.

“I see Raúl with enormous desire, hunger and ambition to be on the field. The desire to return to that level and play football again after what happened to his head should be an example of motivation and life for everyone, footballers and non-footballers alike. Having him here at 100% makes others have to work more. I have seen him very well in training ”

Guillermo Ochoa highlighted the Tata Martino and believes that his greatest contribution is the calm that he has given the group Y He recalled that in the current team there are players who have no experience in a World Cup, but who have been in other international competitions within their careers.

“The group is excited to start the World Cup now. There are people who have no experience in the tournament, but they have international contact like the Olympic Games,” he said.

About his experience in World Cups, Guillermo Ochoa said that Brazil 2014 was special for him and that now for Qatar 2022 he hopes to leave a good memory for his performance.

“All the World Cups are important, but the one in 2014 was special. First my debut against Germany and then the game against Brazil, there is a before and after in my life; I hope that on this occasion, too, people will have a nice memory,” he added.

Mexico debuts this Tuesday, November 22 before the Poland national team in the World Cup Qatar 2022later he will face Argentina and will close the group stage against the team from Saudi Arabia.

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