They criticize Laura Pausini for editing a photo where she appears with Yalitza Aparicio

Yalitza Aparicio triumphed in the Latin Grammy Awards 2022since he presented the award to the Best Ranchera Music Album with a dress of almost 7,000 pesos.

The comments about how she dazzled on the red carpet and during the award ceremony did not wait, since the garment it highlighted her features and made her shine.

However, a photograph tarnishes the participation of the actress in the ceremony, since she appeared next to the Italian Laura Pausini. But users of social networks did not miss a significant detail.

They assure that the singer used a filter to flatter her face and make it clearer, while Yalitza was darkened and put in a not very “flattering” pose.

The image has already turned around on social networks and has been replicated by multiple users who they want to “cancel” Pausini for having used a filter that darkened the presence of Yalitza Aparicio.

They assure that he edited the photographs where he appeared with the actress, but that he left intact other images where he appeared with Rosalía or Sebastián Yatrafor instance.

The photograph was originally published by Pausini in his instagram storiesfrom where it was taken to be criticized by some followers.

This despite the fact that neither the actress from Rome nor the singer have spoken about this controversy. Although it should be noted that both looked spectacular at the gala.


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