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MONTERREY, Nuevo León.- After the statement that Sergio Verduzo, Platanitohe did after the rejection generated by a video in which he mocks the disappearance of Debanhi Escobar, Internet users asked him to assume the consequences and “not to be cul…”.

I can hurt some people or I can hurt them, it’s not my intention, I swear,” is part of what Platanito says.

After that, it has been criticized that those who make jokes behind this type of jokes tend to hide behind the fact that “the comedian is lynched” by “black humor or allegedly exposing reality” instead of to “the real culprits”

However, they respond that justice is not demanded of comedians like officials, but only “not be cul…”.

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They ask Platanito to assume consequences for mocking Debanhi

Comedian David Vaka posted a TikTokwhich was deleted from the platform and later reuploaded to his Twitter account, in which he points out that Platanito could have mocked the government, which The death of the young woman has not yet been fully clarifiedfrom the media circus that took over the case, but chose to mock the victim.

Many of those who defend Platanito say that he mocked the government with the lack of water. It is not true, the object of ridicule was Debanhi”,

Later he ironized with his “drawer apology” saying “no, no, no, I also have daughters, I have feelings, why are they attacking me?”.

As well as Platanito and other comedians They argue that “there is freedom of expression to say stupid things, there are people who can also use it to make you see that what you say is stupid,” he says.

He also said that there are “edgy” people who are so accustomed to say what they want and be “cul…”, but they forget that their words and actions have consequences.

Finally, he says that the purpose of this is not “feeling morally superior” but discuss those issues and not be “Which…”

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