The REASONS why Aracely Arámbula DID NOT have a BOYFRIEND after separating from Luis Miguel

One of the longest-lasting romances of Aracely Arambula was the one he had with Luis MiguelWell, even the Mexican soap opera actress became the mother of two children, Miguel and Daniel. However, after ending her romance with the singer and break awaythe “Chule” did not have other boyfriend and this is due to certain reasons that Aracely has shared with the media.

And it is that despite what has been said, Aracely Arambula He had a couple of relationships with other media personalities, including Arturo Carmona and Sebastián Rulli, couples he met after his romance with Luis Miguel. Despite these courtships, none lasted as the actress prefers to be single for some reasonsthat is why after break away from the singer did not have other boyfriends.

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