The habit that Prince Harry inherited from King Charles III and bothers Meghan Markle

The early life are fundamental because it is when we acquire the initial formation that covers habits at home Y personal. It is the moment in which we learn to do things that may be forever marked in our lives. Living in royalty, the prince harry learned hundreds of behaviors to follow as part of the Royal and familiar protocols. One of the habits that to this day he has not been able to break is one he learned from his father, the King Charles III.

This habit, although it does not seem harmful, It has caused several upsets to his wife, Meghan Markle. What is it about? We tell you everything.

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The habit that Prince Harry inherited from King Charles III

In the documentary “Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70”, the prince harry He opened up and talked about a peculiar habit that he acquired from his father and over the years he continues to make it part of his life. Many will think that it would be some strange situation, but in reality it is only about turning off the lights.

revealed that the King Charles III “He’s a fan of lights out and that’s now something I’m obsessed with.” The Duke of Sussex added that sand it became a habit and it’s one of the lessons that “clearly felt like he taught us.”

Prince Harry got that habit from his father | File, Archive

Why is Meghan Markle upset with the habit that Harry inherited from King Charles III?

This habit that would seem innocent and even viable for the environment has caused the disgust of Meghan Markle. The prince harry told that the Duchess of Sussex He has been questioned about turning off the lights. “He says to me: ‘Why do you turn off the lights? You know it’s dark.'”

Faced with these questions, Harry responds to Meghan that they only need one light, “we don’t need six,” he recounts in the documentary.

Meghan Markle has questioned Harry about his habit | File, Archive

The Documentary vs. Prince Harry’s Memoir

the audiovisual “Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70” was launched in 2018, when everything in the Royal family It seemed fine, but it’s a very different situation than now. A few years ago, the prince harry He sat in front of the cameras to tell funny anecdotes with his father and now, months after publishing his memoirs, he could reveal issues that may affect the monarchy.

Prince Harry is about to publish his memoir | File, Archive

Of his time as royalty, the prince harry he learned a lot about what works for him today for his future. Among that stands out this habit of the one who grants the credits to his father. And you, what do you think of this custom of duke of sussex about turning off the lights?

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