Pablo Lyle’s humble past is revealed and the possible secret of why he ended up in prison

Paul Lyle
Paul Lyle

Pablo Lyle not only acted in “Mirreyes VS Godínez”, he also did not only do a novel with Dulce María, Lyle has a wide catalog of novels and appearances on the small screen, however, nobody remembers him and the only way in which people spoke of him and became famous, it was after being accused of a crime for which he is about to spend his entire life in prison.

Lyle began his career in 2006 with a novel called “Código Postal”, which passed unnoticed, the second is called “Cachito de cielo”, which was not very famous despite the adolescent romance that was presented in it. . The next one was “The Shadow of the Past”, this novel was renowned, and it was one of the dramas that gave the actor the most work.

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The agony would end for Pablo Lyle and his days in prison would be numbered

The next one was “Corazón que mente”, the telenovela that he starred in with Dulce María, in 2016, and it was a more modern adaptation of “Labyrinths of passion” a production that was very successful, hence they wanted to repeat the formula with other actors and in a version, more for young people, who would already be known by the public, like the former RBD.

However, Pablo Lyle’s next would be a film that went unnoticed, like most comedies in the country, however, the pandemic gave it a second wind, because the productions stopped a bit. This production did not do badly at the box office, however, fame did not last very long because it was the same year that Pablo Lyle had the encounter that made him go through one of the worst experiences of his life.

A frustration not properly treated can be lethal

Pablo Lyle wrote several novels, which are no longer remembered, so his modest past and the fact of not achieving fame as big as Eduardo Capetillo or other television leading men would lead him to feel frustration, which when accumulated would not make another thing to increase and worsen the episodes of anger that he had.

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