Nuevo León: water cuts are postponed until further notice

They change the date of the cut to the water service in Nuevo León. Photo: Darkroom

The cuts to water supply in New Lionwho were scheduled for this November 21, were canceled due to bad weather conditions in the state, confirmed the agency Agua y Drenaje Monterrey.

During this 2022, the entity located in the north of the Mexican Republic has suffered from problems with water supply Due to the intense drought in this area of ​​the country.

The situation has been so serious that the local government has begun to take measures to punish those who waste water.

What happened to the water cuts that would be this November 21?

Through his official Twitter account, Water and Drainage of Monterrey He commented that, due to bad weather conditions, the cut to the water scheduled for this November 21 was cancelled.

Originally, it was planned that the Federal electricity commission (CFE) will carry out a Preventive Maintenance. This particular date had been chosen because it was a holiday.

The CFE would maintenance work on the electrical network high voltage that supplies the pumping plants San Roque and La Silla.

It was calculated that around 900 colonies in Nuevo León they would run out of water during the time that the maintenance works lasted, which were scheduled from 8:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the afternoon.

When will they be rescheduled?

In the same message that Agua y Drenaje de Monterrey published on social networks, it was specified that the cut at the service of the liquid will be postponedbut without specifying a date.

“The jobs They will be scheduled for the next few days. We will be giving timely notice,” the agency posted on Twitter.

Finally, it was added that the residents of this entity will be able to count on the normal supply of water. So now you know: there is no excuse for not taking care of the water.

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