Monreal warns that Mexico “is split in two” and reiterates presidential aspiration

The senator Ricardo Monreal Avila assured that Mexico is polarized and called for national reconciliation, while reiterating his aspiration to lead Morena’s candidacy for the presidency of the Republic in 2024.

“Our country is split in two, we are polarized”he said, while it can be seen how Mexicans hear a “strong, aggressive and humiliating tone” more frequently.

From the Arena México, where he presented his reconciliation project, he assured that it is being seen as “disqualification and a deaf fight to be right, generate social division in our country, to divide us into groups that refer to our skin tone, our place of birth, our studies and even our aspirations in life as rarely in history.”

“A perception is generated that there are groups of good and bad, rich and poor, brown and blond, the right and the wrong. This huge nation is shrinking under the insults that only make us smaller, show everyone in their worst version,” said the coordinator of the Morenista senators.

“This culturally diverse country is being reduced to opposites,” he mentioned to thousands of his followers, who yelled at him “president, president.”

Monreal Ávila reiterated that “once the legal times arrive” he will register in the race for the presidency of the Republic. “We are not alone, let us respond to each provocation with a proposal for reconciliation”, commented.

He also asked that it be recognized that current government security strategy “needs to be reviewed” and made a call to firmly combat “shameful impunity, systematic violation of the law and corruption.”

in your account Twitter He published a video of the act, which was also broadcast on social networks, in which he stated: “Polarization is poison for our country. It ignites conflict and leads to violence. We are a people of values, respect, intelligence, creativity and height. To achieve a reconciled Mexico is to have social justice, and that we all live in equality, with an even floor”.

Monreal was accompanied by several Morenista senators such as Rafael Espino, Nancy Sánchez Arredondo, Ricardo Velázquez, Casimiro Méndez, Soledad Luevano Cantú, Claudia Balderas, Cecilia Sánchez and Eduardo Ramírez, among others.

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