Mexican takes horn with sound of “old iron” in Qatar 2022

The sound of “old iron that sells” was heard in Qatar 2022.

Thousands of fans from the country gathered at Qatar 2022 to support the three in his foray into world; however, one of them did not miss the opportunity and walked through the streets of the host country with a giant horn and the famous sound of “old iron that sells”.

Through social networks, the Mexican team shared the funny video where you can see how the compatriot walks with the horn on his back, while the recording that is common to hear in CDMX sounds at full volume.

“Mattresses, drums, refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves or something made of old iron that he sells is bought”


In the images it is also observed how the Mexican is dressed in a mariachi suit, as well as other compatriots who record him in his path.

The video is accompanied by a caption that reads: “How to know that there are already Mexicans in Qatar?

The Mexicans in Qatar 2022 have not only put the sound of “old iron that sells”

recording of “old iron that sells” ringing through the streets of Qatar It is just one more “mischief” of the Mexicans who met in World Cup lands, because just this Saturday some decided to dance the song “Rodeo clown”.

This song by the groupGolden Horse”, It is a typical music used to entertain parties and family gatherings in Mexico.

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