Marjorie de Sousa exudes enormous charm in a walk

The return of model Marjorie de Sousa to her Instagram account was loaded with empowerment and a seductive mature charm that only the artist herself knows how to use to her advantage, even in the most casual scenes of everyday life.

Now, it was through a clip of a few seconds with which he managed to make his more than 9 million followers feel like they were in the middle of summer thanks to two main reasons: the powerful look he wore and the top view of all his freckles. .

In such entertainment content, marjorie desousa She was wearing a two-piece set consisting of a top with a front knot matching high-waisted pants that accentuated her curves in a huge way.

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Since the upper garment has a cute off-the-shoulder design, it made fans of the Venezuelan celebrity appreciate the natural glow of her skin, which together with the mid-afternoon sun put on a great show with her hundreds of freckles. that they love so much

To finish off this modern and feminine outfit, she wore square-shaped sunglasses paired with silver earrings and a set of various bracelets on her hand, which she did not take a close look at to appreciate their details.

Spreading this good attitude that Marjorie de Sousa loves so much, she left a short and powerful phrase at the bottom of the publication on the camera’s social network that touched the heart of her community on said platform.

Heyeeee!!!! Be happy now,” he wrote.

As expected, many of the users of the platform stopped to leave a heartfelt reaction and some more also wrote messages for the soap opera actress, acknowledging that she is a very beautiful 42-year-old woman.

“Happiness is like that as you say Now, neither before nor after, NOW!!”, “You can’t handle so much”, “Stand aside a goddess is going to pass”, “Cool woman! My platonic love forever haha “Although I am not a miner, I have discovered the most beautiful emerald, which is you,” his followers wrote.

A few days ago, the pretty star of the small screen left a video on her profile modeling a dress that was too flirtatious, which gave a very wide view of her curves through a large opening in the design.

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