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Brain plasticity can be maintained for longer, through learning visual challenges are a solid alternative to test skills.

Not all users who participate in this type of game achieve a positive result, nor are all of them capable of claiming to be an expert. To get great results, the participant must be committed and stay focused.

Fortunately for you, we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you a beginner level challenge which will help you demonstrate your skills, show that you are an observant person and capable of overcoming any visual riddle.


Photo: Cool Guru

SIf you have not managed to show that you can distinguish a hidden word in a series, it is an indication that your skills are not yet 100% and you have to keep improving until you become an expert. The statistics are to be broken for this reason you should not give up on any puzzle and try to achieve success in each of them.

If you feel capable of surpassing the rest of the participants, you will have to prove it and get the best times on social networks. Try to do everything at the first opportunity and in the first few seconds. We advise you not to waste your time and stay focused because time is very valuable in this type of game.

If you want a new search opportunity you can go back to the first image, otherwise scroll down to find the solution and the location of the hidden word.


Photo: Cool Guru

Practicing daily increases cognitive reserve, breaks all stats and make sure you get the best time, don’t forget to compare it with other participants. It is important that you keep track because as you solve the riddles You can increase the degree of difficulty.

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