Linet Puente breaks in networks and reveals her remedy to cure sadness

  • The driver opened her heart to talk about what she felt and how she solved it.
  • Linet Puente managed to recover and turn her day around by going out to enjoy the World Cup atmosphere.

Like few public figures, linet bridge He shares the wonderful side of his life, but also the not so positive. This Sunday was one of those in which the host of “Ventaneando” did not see everything rosy and burst into tears, a moment that she shared with her Instagram followers.

In recent months we had seen Bridge very happy and sharing moments of great emotion with her little son, who recently celebrated Halloween with various costumes that the famous also joined. She even recently published the photos they took together to open the Christmas season. However, it is obvious that not everything could go so perfectly and she herself recognized it.

This Sunday, Linet Puente attended her job very normally on the ‘Hechos Domingo’ newscast, where she covered very well what her heart was really feeling. But, as the hours passed, she could not contain her feelings and already at her house she broke down in tears. The also expert in shows opened her Instagram and shared a bit of her sadness through a moving video.

The driver could not take the sadness anymore and exploded in networks

Puente managed to recover from sadness and turn his day around

“There are good days and others not so much… today I tell you that it is the day to give the heart and mind a chance to have their space. No, it’s not a good day. We all have days like this and no way. Tomorrow will be a better day“Wrote the host while talking about publishing everything that happens to her on her account, from “the wonderful things”, such as interviews, trips and parties, to the not so good. The surprising thing is that she also talked about the remedy she uses to heal the low spirits.

Linet Puente has a very effective remedy for sadness

In a second video, linet bridge He appeared hugging his son and laughing out loud, assuring that the boy pounced on him as soon as he saw her sad. She likewise mentioned how she deals with these feelings in front of her offspring. “He came over to hug me because he doesn’t like to see me like this, but I don’t like to hide. I like to explain to her that mom sometimes feels sad so that she understands that feeling bad is also good, it is part of life and not everything is happiness and joy,” said the message that accompanied her video.

Puente explained to his followers that just as he shares the good, he will also share the bad.

It is important to her not to hide her negative feelings from her son.

But, it seems that the recording had some good effect, in addition to the company and the hug of her baby, because a few hours later, the host reappeared on her Instagram showing that she had gone out to eat with her son and some friends, which It could mean that everything is going better, at least for today.

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