Judge is caught half-naked in full audience; they will open investigation

Social networks made a controversial viral video for which an investigation has already been opened since the Judge Vivian Polania Franco was captured half naked in his bed during a hearing, which caused not only discomfort but surprise.

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In fact, the judge Colombia invaded social networks but not necessarily for something positive, but appeared half-naked in her bed, with little clothing and while smoking a cigarette.

The above, because the official The Colombian woman did not realize that the camera was on and had to be warned by one of the participants in the virtual audience.

Immediately, the judge turned off her camerabut it had already caused surprise among the lawyers and officials who decided during the hearing whether to release a man who had been captured.

For this reason, after the controversyin the last hours it became known that the Judicial Disciplinary Commission, in Norte de Santander, will open an investigation against him to show if he committed disciplinary offenses.

The jurists even published a statement referring to the accusations against the judge with functions of control of guarantee that have been known in the different media in the last hours.

Based on these tests, the North Santanderean togados will make decisions, in the coming days, about the eventual sanctions they will face Poland.

“Because it is within its territorial jurisdiction, in accordance with the provisions of numeral 2 of article 114 of law 270 of 1996, in harmony with the provisions of article 19 of legislative act 02 of 2015, for the purpose of providing the most expeditious procedure”, ordered the judges of the Judicial Disciplinary Commission.

It must be remembered that Colombian legislation mandates that lawyers and other members of the Judicial Branch must carry out their tasks neatly and not carry out activities that could hinder the procedures that are carried out in the midst of hearings or trials. In addition, those who, through their actions, call into question the credibility of Colombian justice could be penalized.

In this case, as Vivian Polania is a judge, her sanctions could be more serious, as stipulated in Law 270 of 1996, which exhorts judicial officials to render their service to the country and citizens with decorum.

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