Jiménez’s reaction to seeing how Benzema gets off Qatar and Raúl clings to Tri

What Jiménez does instead of Benzema
What Jiménez does instead of Benzema

The French forward Karim Benzema dropped out of the World Cup without hesitation after feeling that he was not at 100%, quite the opposite has been done by Raúl Jiménez who has preferred to be in the group with Gerardo Martino, despite the fact that he is not fully recovered and let They will go down to Santiago Giménez del Tri.

Raúl Jiménez has emphasized that he could be there for at least a few minutes and for this reason the Mexican forward, instead of resigning, tempts the Mexican fans, where he launched an image on his social networks with the legend “Vamos”, in relation to the fact that he is ready to the world Cup.

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This does not happen with Benzema who, instead of delaying things, knew that he was not coming and preferred to step aside. In this way, the Frenchman opens the door to other options for the coach, while Raúl Jiménez clings to staying at El Tri.

Why does Martino insist on Raúl Jiménez?

The Mexican striker is not fully recovered, but he is one of the visible faces of the Mexican team, which is why coach Gerardo Martino insists on keeping him at El Tri.

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