It no longer cuts! Shakira gives Gerard Piqué a comb. And we have the moment!

This Saturday, coinciding with the last baseball game of their son Milan, Shakira and Gerard Piqué have seen their faces for the first time after reaching a separation agreement by which the Colombian will move to Miami at the beginning of 2023 with her little ones. Despite the fact that there has been much speculation about their distant relationship, in their first public meeting in months we have witnessed the undisguised tension that exists between the singer and the former soccer player.

And it is that in addition to keeping the distance – each one was in a corner of the field – and if they did not speak to each other, the Colombian would not have hesitated to make a highly commented gesture raising her middle finger in the direction of the stands where Piqué was sitting , that many say is a comb dedicated to her ex-boyfriend.

An image that has not taken long to become viral and that shows how bad the relationship between the artist and the Catalan is, who, oblivious to everything, did not take his eyes off his mobile phone, thus preventing his gaze from meeting with that of a Shakira whom we saw euphoric, without ceasing to smile, dance and encourage her son in their last meeting.

An attitude with which the singer of ‘Monotonía’ – in sportswear and a cap – became the great protagonist of the match and with which she has shown Piqué how happy she is about her departure to Miami. And in case there were any doubts, a hidden comb that you can see here!

This story was originally published on November 21, 2022 7:10 a.m.

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