How much does a coke, a hamburger or a hotel night at the World Cup venue cost?

At six in the morning, the sun is at all that gives in Qatarand people go to work.

Although there are people who never stop in the World Cup city, a place where poverty, if it exists, has been hidden or is simply not known at Latin American levels.

Cosmopolitan city, where everything is done and there is everything, apart from rigid customs, religion (Islam) that is not as military as in other places in the Arab world, but that at certain times causes chants, the prayers, are heard by some sectors of the city Doha.

But all this can be done accompanied by a good Coca Cola, a good McDonalds hamburger, driving the most luxurious cars or having them serve you as an UBER, which by the way, are swarming in the country and it doesn’t take more than five minutes to arrive by the client.

Everything is made in Qatar, there are prices for everyone.

Minimum wage? Officially, it does not exist in a country where the working masses do not pay taxes. The most humble people, who are not poor, can earn around a thousand riyals a month, which is around 5,400 pesos, but not the only income, since those who work in construction in the morning may be driving in the afternoon. a vehicle or serving in a hotel.

Income can double or triple.

And with that you can cover various cravings:

A four free Coca Cola, for the whole family, costs: 4 riyals: 21 pesos.

A McTrío, hamburger, fries and soft drink, goes from 25 riyals: 133 pesos to 50: 267. It depends on where the product is purchased.

A night in a hotel goes from 150 riyals (those used for a few hours), 800 pesos up to 1000 (5 thousand pesos), for one night.

And at the end of the month, to make the pantry, it can be completed with 500 riyals, about 2,600 pesos.

A professional in Qatar can receive around 5,000 to 10,000 rials: 26,000 to 53,000 pesos, with which you can pay an income that goes from 3,000 (16,000 pesos) in a humble place to 8,000 or more ( 42 thousand pesos) in luxury areas such as La Perla.

And it is that living in Qatar is not cheap, but the income is not difficult to obtain either, and if one tries a little more, one can live comfortably.

Thing to manage your rials well.

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