History of the Mexican in Qatar 2022 with an ‘old iron’ horn

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One day before the opening of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he caught the attention of dozens of fans a person who carried a huge horn on his backand that played Mexican music, but also the peculiar voice that buys ‘old iron’, or the one that sells ‘bread, tamales and gas’.

Is about Yair The Naughty, that’s what he calls himself, who talked to The Hobby that the idea arose when he lost his job, I was cleaning windshields at a traffic light in the United States, and he always took two small speakers that made his work easierFrom there, he realized that people liked him.

“At one time, when I lost my job, in the United States I began to clean windshields in the corners, it was the only thing I had left, so I I went out with my horn to make myself happy there, and music has always enchanted me”.

Regarding important tournaments, he said, the idea arose four years ago, when he decided to go to Russia to bring Mexican joy through that horn.

I started with two small speakers, then people were asking for more and more, and this is the greatest thing I have found. I spend my time traveling throughout Mexico and around the world, basically doing this, now it coincided that it is the World Cup, but last year I went to Brazil, I have gone to Germany, Austria, I have gone to Colombia ”.

Yair is clear that the sound has enchanted foreigners, that it has attracted attention with that unique sound, and for this reason, many ask for photos or a video message. That horn has made it important on social networks.

“Yes they like it a lot, they love it, It is part of our culture to be happy. We are all very happy, it is the energy we have in this World Cup. Foreigners behave very well, they adore us, I learned this thanks to foreigners that when I travel with my mariachi hat, I always make friends like that”.

One of the constant questions is, where do you get money to pay for those trips that have to invest large amounts.

Right now I am a merchant and I dedicate myself to this, to sell Mexican products, things like that, everything that has to do with the country, any article. For example, if I go to Veracruz and see something nice there, I buy a lot of it and take it with me to the United States and sell it there, and with that I pay for my vacations.”


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