He is the one Biby gaytán would envy for his devotion

Biby Gaytan
Biby Gaytan

Biby Gaytán is the only one in the family that she has with Eduardo Capetillo who has no professional plans, after years of being devoted to her family, her husband and son return to the screens while she stays at home. This may be a matter of time, as seeing how her loved ones are doing might inspire her to do something about it.

This could also unleash the envy of the actress, since seeing that everyone is having a good time, while she is still at home, doing what she always does, could not only inspire but also unleash some desires or to return to the stage or to have a peaceful life with her husband. A life like the one led by one of Eduardo Capetillo’s brothers, Manuel.

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Goodbye Eduardo Capetillo, Biby Gaytán has a stronger and truer love that he cannot erase

The man who even surpassed Eduardo Capetillo, in the heart of Biby Gaytán

Eduardo Capetillo’s brother, Manuel Capetillo, was also a television star, heartthrob and today has become a devoted family man, who dedicates himself to working without appearing on television, for which Biby Gaytán would feel a little envious or of discontent because he was touched by the “restless brother” of the three Capetillos.

Among his notable stories during his life on television, there is having participated in “The rich also cry” together with Verónica Castro and that of his romance with the actress Sofía Méndez; The last novel he recorded was “The Unforgivable”, where his role would give us a clue of what would come next for the actor.

The Capetillos, between family and fame

This is how the next thing that was learned about Manuel Capetillo was that he was a man dedicated to his family and dedicated to preaching the faith he professes, not only in the country, but also throughout the continent, since he is famous for his trips to carry out these kinds of activities. This would provoke Biby Gaytán’s nostalgia for having back the quiet family days that the pandemic took away.

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