From the beach, Lucero falls in love with her fans with a completely natural photo

Lucero has captured the attention on social networks in the last few hours because she published a photograph with which she left all his fans speechless Well it turns out that the beloved actress and singer was seen from the beach completely natural Therefore, the revealing image caused a stir among the fans of “La Novia de América”, who turned to praise for Lucerito Mijares’s mother.

It was through his official Instagram profile where bright Star shared the photograph in question, which only had the objective of show off the spectacular scenery he was enjoying during the brief vacation he took taking advantage of the holiday bridge for November 20.

“Always loving the sea” was the text that Lucero wrote to accompany his photograph in which, appeared posing from what appears to be the balcony of his hotel room, which had a spectacular view of the sea and in said image, the singer appeared more than smiling, making a sign of “love and peace” with her right hand.

Lucero revealed her completely natural face. Photo: IG: luceromexico

It should be mentioned that, for this postcard, Lucero appeared without a single drop of makeup, so she showed her completely natural face, In addition, she also appeared somewhat disheveled and wearing sunglasses and only a little of the bathing suit she was wearing could be seen, which was brown, however, her fans showered her with compliments and thanked her for being so authentic.

“The word ‘beautiful’ falls short to describe you”, “You look spectacular”, “You are a goddess”, “Every day more beautiful”, “A real sweetie” and “Simply divine” These are some of the compliments that can be read in the comment box of Lucero’s publication, which, until the end of this writing, already accumulates about 50,000 likes.

Lucero and Mijares prepare the challenge together

Despite the fact that Lucero and Mijares have been separated for more than ten years, they have always maintained a close relationship mainly because of their children, however, for a few months they have been doing together the tour called “Until it was done to us” and after having toured different cities, the next friday november 25 will have a truly monumental challenge because they intend to fill the National Auditorium, which, it is very possible that they achieve it because they have an audience of all ages that has been waiting for this show for several months.

Lucero and Mijares have managed to maintain their friendship despite their divorce. Photo: Special

At the moment, it has not been confirmed if Lucero and Mijares have prepared something special for their concert at the National Auditorium, however, The fans of the ex-partner have already begun to ask them through social networks to invite their daughter Lucerito to the stage Well, he has already shown that he inherited all the talent and charisma of his parents.


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