COVID-19 and Health reform deteriorated life expectancy in Mexico, laments Dr. Julio Frenk

The Dr. Julio Frenk Mora alerted by him recoil on the Life expectancy in Mexico, derived from the pandemic of COVID-19.

In interview with Joaquin Lopez-Doriga for Radio Formula the former secretary of Health Federal reported that Mexico had one of the worst performances, worldwide, in the face of the health emergency due to SARS-CoV-2.

As a result, life expectancy went from 75 years to 71 years, the level it was in 1991.

We have lost the advance of the last 30 years in life expectancy. And that is a catastrophic situation, it is a number, but behind that number there are hundreds of thousands of deaths that should not have occurred in our country, ”he lamented.

Frenk Mora noted that in addition to the pandemic of COVID-19 In the country, the health system faces important challenges such as public care, shortage of medicines and vaccination.

We are going to have outbreaks of diseases that were already fully controlled in Mexico, there has been a rise in maternal mortality. It was not just the disaster of handling the pandemic. The deterioration is much more widespread and we are in the process of a huge setback,” he said.

Questioned about the wishes of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to establish in Mexico health care as Denmark The expert assured that a health system that in itself was not good is being dismantled.

What has been done is to go exactly in the opposite direction. Measures have been taken that are the opposite of Denmark, the insabi it is the opposite of Denmark. One thing is said and another is done and people pay the price, ”he considered.

He pointed out that contrary to the Danish government, the current government of Mexico it has cut or frozen the health budget, in addition to recentralizing health care; disappear the Popular insurance, which served more than 58 million people with public resources; and attack health professionals.

The pandemic accelerated and magnified how badly designed it (the health system) was. It is a model, that of the Insabi and now of the IMSS Wellness, who wants us to return to what the health system was like in Mexico in the 70s of the last century. It is a great regression, ”she condemned.

The Dr. Julio Frenk Mora called for a public discussion to implement a universal health insurance without divisions between those who are entitled and not.

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