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Venezuelans maintain the hope of being able to fulfill the American dream

Ciudad Juárez (Mexico), Nov 20 (EFE).- Migrants, mostly of Venezuelan origin, have crossed the Mexican border for days until they reach the City of El Paso, in Texas, in the southern United States. This decision was made due to the court ruling that puts an end to Title 42, the ordinance approved by former President Donald Trump in March 2020 to return asylum seekers to Mexico immediately, hiding behind the coronavirus pandemic. However, the magistrate who promoted ending this decree accepted the US government’s request to postpone this proposal for five weeks, until December 21, so that the immigration authorities can prepare the transition. The Department of Homeland Security stated in a statement that “people should not listen to the lies of smugglers who take advantage of vulnerable migrants, putting their lives at risk. The border is closed and we will continue to enforce our immigration laws at the border.” In the case of the Mexican Ciudad Juárez, undocumented immigrants heard this proposal and the next day they began to cross. Some of them left their tents that they had on the banks of the Rio Grande, which caused the Mexican authorities to start building those that were empty. One of the migrants who is still in the place is Edixon Sierra, who told EFE that “these days we have had uncertainty, we are afraid that at any moment the authorities will arrive, take us out of the tents and could deport us. He added that “each country has its laws and what we ask is that they give us a moment to continue fighting here, we want an opportunity from the United States Government to allow us to work.” In addition, Sierra thanked the Christian churches, which have helped them meet their basic needs, such as food. “I am a professional, I studied business administration and I feel sad, I left my whole family and it is not easy, many people judge us, they think that we are marginal and it is not like that. We are people who have feelings and we can all go through that situation and the Mexican knows what the reality of migrating to another country is like,” he said with a broken voice. Another case is that of Alejandro Marcano, also of Venezuelan origin, who commented that “some colleagues had the courage and crossed into the United States. I was about to leave, but I thought about it. Later it was learned that several of them were being returned by Tapachula, Chiapas and by Tabasco”. “I am afraid that they will take us away from here, it is not easy, we have crossed seven countries, we are going to wait until December 22 to see what the authorities tell us, to see if we can cross,” he added. On some occasions, several of the undocumented immigrants make bonfires to cook, or to keep warm in the face of the cold that exists in the area, a climate to which they are not accustomed. “We will continue to monitor the area and we are going to try to convince the migrants to go to another place to take refuge, hypothermia can happen to them or if they make a fire it can start a fire, we continue working and we believe that we are going to achieve it so that take shelter,” commented Roberto Briones, director of Civil Protection for Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez. Some tents have cardboard on the outside that say “occupied”, since they have to move from their place of protection and they set it aside so that it is not occupied by someone else or destroyed by the authorities. The austere tents are covered in some cases with blankets and supported with sticks, in protection from the low temperatures of the region. Despite the fact that several undocumented immigrants left for the United States, it is estimated that there are around 200 of these shelters that protect them from inclement weather and approximately a thousand refugees, who will continue to wait to fulfill the American dream. The immigrants were left stranded on said border after the Joe Biden government modified the immigration policy for citizens from that country on October 12, as well as the determination to expand the border expulsion legislature, governed by the regulations called Title 42, and for which Venezuelan citizens began to be deported to Mexico. (c) EFE Agency

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