Andrés García’s health does not improve; he is delicate, says his wife

Andrés García’s health does not improve. Photo: Darkroom | File, Archive

Andrés García’s health does not seem to improve, according to Daisy Portillo, actor’s wifethe 80’s star is in serious condition after he fainted at his home in Acapulco, Guerrero.

In interview for TV and novelsthe heiress of Andrés García, stressed that the famous have problems of lungs that are added to the diagnosis of cirrhosis that he has suffered for months to the gallant of Mexican movies.

“It is delicate, serious. It has affectation in the lungs ”,

Daisy Portillo

The woman who affirmed that Roberto Palazuelos confronted Andrés García, stressed that the veteran actorwho claimed to be in his last moments, has a frame of anemia “very complicated” and a abscess on a leg

“He arrived here at home with a very high temperature and a very complicated picture of anemia. In addition, she developed an abscess on one of her legs, which, by the way, is very, very swollen ”,

Daisy Portillo

gatestressed that Andres Garcia, whose children decided to follow in his footsteps into acting, he must be on oxygen for the problems of Health that presents the famous, who was transferred to his house outside of acapulcosupposedly, by an ex-wife of the actor whom he accused of No take care of the famous

“He has pneumonia and needs oxygen. I tried to make that person take responsibility, but he just left it lying there, knowing that no one stays to sleep with him on the beach. Here in my house I can bring him a nurse, and he did not take me away from him ”,

Daisy Portillo

According to gatethe people who had taken the actor did not follow the indications from the doctorso the health of Andrés García, who challenged the “Black Diamond” to a duel with bullets, became complicated.

“They told me that they brought him fried chicken, that is, things to eat that he shouldn’t. They also gave him alcohol, because he asked for it. That complicates the picture.”

Daisy Portillo

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