American Medical Association votes for full health parity

From now on, the desirability of health parity for the island becomes the official position of the association.

Luis Penchi

November 21, 2022 | | Reading time: 3 min

Dr. Yussef Galib, President of the Puerto Rico Medical Association.

The American Medical Association voted in favor of a resolution presented at its annual meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, supporting full parity in federal funds for Puerto Rico from the Medicare and Medicade programs, the local Medical Association reported.

Doctor Yussef Galib, president of the Associated Physicians of Puerto Rico, offered the information to the Journal of Medicine and Public Health when he was enthusiastic about the approved resolution that, if it becomes a reality, will allow “timely payments to doctors and hospitals, and a better service to our patients”.

Galib recalled that the American Medical Association was founded 175 years ago and is the largest medical organization in the world. “Of course, it is the most important organization of its kind in the United States,” said the San Germeño doctor.

He stressed that his pronouncements usually produce public policy in the United States and other parts of the planet. “The entity’s House of Delegates, which is made up of 622 doctors, votes in favor of the total parity proposal and to help Puerto Rico receive the necessary emergency funds after Hurricane Fiona,” said Galib.

The internal medicine specialist, who works at La Concepción Hospital, stressed that from now on the desirability of parity in health for the island becomes the official position of the association.

“It’s historic. It’s the first time it’s happened and we know it’s going to have an impact on the United States government,” he said, noting that the organization allocated a budget to send lobbyists to Congress to deal with the issue urgently.

“There is a group of Republican doctors in Congress who have a kind of caucus there that will already be taking action on the matter and received the report,” he said. Galib admitted, however, that US politics is unpredictable and in a very fluid state after the midterm elections there.

He recalled that in the elections the Republican Party managed to win the majority of the seats in the House of Representatives, which will give it control of that body, although with fewer votes than originally anticipated.

The Senate will be controlled by the Democratic Party but it will be in the House that the parity budget issue pushed by American doctors will be decided.

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